Natalie Hobday is now Team Coach for RSA


"After a long and detailed search Dressage SA has appointed a National coach! South Africa is for the first time ever poised to field a team at an Olympic Games. Last year’s WEG team have paved the way for exciting times. And thus the need for a National Coach has become pressing. Natalie Hobday has agreed to come on board! Being already well known to our dressage circuit, Natalie brings to the role of National Coach ...her formal qualifications, loads of competition experience including two World Equestrian Games and has qualified for an Olympics. She coaches pupils in Germany, UK, Italy, Finland, USA, RSA and UAE. She holds regular clinics here and in Europe and is well up to speed with the latest training methods and techniques. Her services are very much in demand and we are lucky to have her agree to perform this role for South African Dressage.


In line with giving back to the sport, Natalie has agreed to very favourable rates for Dressage SA and she will arrange her schedule around her other obligations to as to keep her transport costs as low as possible. This is an excellent opportunity for our dressage community and is super news for kicking off 2015!

When approached for comment Natalie had this to say “ With the current exciting horse/rider combinations campaigning to qualify for Rio, and South African Dressage being in this incredible situation. I am looking forward to being able to add value to the team and have the privilege of being part of this” letter thanks to Dressage SA